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“Cold Compass” – by Barry Napier

“I have been instructed by those above me to allow you one last chance to change your mind. I am offering you that option now. If you want out, just say so. But after you leave this office and I … Continue reading

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“The Long and the Short Swords” – by Gary Ballard

Bridge is accustomed to dealing with shady characters. But sending in a patsy, strapped with explosives, to make a deal for you is likely to grab Bridge’s attention in all the wrong ways. The Long and the Short Swords is … Continue reading

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“Game of Souls” – by Terry C Simpson

As he watches the accursed Day of Accolades take away more children from the Smear, Keedar promises that one day he’ll stop the nobles’ exploitation of the under classes. On the same day, he encounters Winslow, a noble risking the … Continue reading

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“Bangkok Wet” – by Simon Royle

The rains are here and Bangkok is flooding, but the big wet isn’t going to prevent a gang war. As the waters rise, so do the stakes. Chance returns to showcase Thailand’s underbelly in the electrifying sequel to Bangkok Burn. … Continue reading

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“Cansville” – by Alan Flurry

As the Cansville‚Äôs newest creative director, can Toby write the play that will pump life back into the old theatre and its town? Or is the Cansville merely an opportunity for Toby to break away from the icons of his … Continue reading

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