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“The Emperor’s Edge” – by Lindsay Buroker

Can a fugitive enforcer redeem herself? Does the kingdom’s most wanted and deadly assassin have a heart? Can a motley crew of outcasts save the emperor? Back in the 1980s, people enjoyed watching The A-Team, a team of renegade ex-somethings that performed … Continue reading

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“Toonopolis: Gemini” – by Jeremy Rodden

When an agent discovers the land of Toonopolis, he and the Agency believe they can use the cartoon world to stage covert operations. The teenage son of the lead scientist becomes the first operative in Toonopolis. Toonopolis: Gemini is an … Continue reading

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“Fate’s Mirror” by M.H. Mead

I like cyberpunk. I think of it as surfer chic for the geeks. It’s anti-fashion fashion in literature, something to put on and strut around with while at the same time pretending that you’re over all that. Fate’s Mirror is … Continue reading

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