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“Pegasus Falling” – by William E. Thomas

For Captain Stanley Adam Malcolm Parker, salvation from the torment of incarceration in a concentration camp was not provided by the allied soldiers who liberated him. It was provided by the Jewess who shared his despair, who clung to him as … Continue reading

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“The Whitechapel Gambit” – by Marcin Wrona

In the working class district of Haversham, Squeak saves a company and dooms himself to poverty until a benefactor gives him a second chance. Thus we follow a poor cripple’s unlikely rise – but for what purpose? The Whitechapel Gambit … Continue reading

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“Season of the Harvest” – by Michael R. Hicks

What if the biggest conspiracy, the ultimate danger to the human race was in the very food we eat? Season of the Harvest is not really a cautionary tale about the dangers of genetically modified food, although it did have … Continue reading

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