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“Martyrs & Monsters” – by Robert Dunbar

In various shades of dark and darker, Robert Dunbar presents a collection of short and often disturbing little tales. I had been interested in sampling the work of this author for some time, his name often associated with a sub-genre … Continue reading

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“The Speed of Winter” – by B. Morris Allen

Faced with possible extinction on Earth, humanity has taken a chance. It has invested everything in casting the seeds of humankind to several distant planets in the hope of securing a future for the species. What new worlds would we … Continue reading

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“The Puppet Maker’s Bones” – by Alisa Tangredi

Pavel is a shut-in, an old man who seems like an easy target to a local predator – but who will be the hunter and who, the hunted? The Puppet Maker’s Bones is an interesting blend of psychological study, dark … Continue reading

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“Heaven 2.0″ – by Scott Haworth

Life is tough for angels – I mean extraction specialists. What if eternal happiness was a facility designed by humankind some time in the future? What if eternal damnation was similarly administered? Would you feel relieved – or worried? Heaven … Continue reading

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