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“Scavengers” by Cynthia Echterling

Scavengers is a novel set in a post-apocalyptic North America. In the past a war or other significant event has forced the population to flee into South America. Eventually, future descendants repopulate North America in the ruins of a previous … Continue reading

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“Age of Giants – awakening” – by Rob Reaser

Deep in our mythical past, angels occasionally mated with humans to produce monstrous offspring called the Nephilim. In a distant future, the Nephilim have again made themselves known and have conquered the earth. Mankind has been enslaved. Only pockets of … Continue reading

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“The Survival of Marvin Baines” – by Michael Meyer

There’s something to be said for reading a book at exactly the right time. The Survival of Marvin Baines was a wake-up call I didn’t necessarily need, but could certainly relate to at this time in my life. Marvin Baines … Continue reading

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“The Black God’s War” – by Moses Siregar III

An epic war for the honour of the gods. A desperate but lasting defence from a peaceful people. Such is the stage on which The Black God’s War is set. The author originally published a story arc from the novel … Continue reading

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“The Kinshield Legacy” – by K.C. May

If your ancestor was the last king’s champion, one that failed to prevent the king’s demise, you might want to live a simple life of service perhaps to redeem your family name. Gavin Kinshield is such a person. The stamp … Continue reading

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