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“Clay’s Way” – by Blair Mastbaum

Growing up on Hawaii’s Oahu island, Sam uses his appearance as a rebellion against who he’s expected to be. But he has deeper differences irreconcilable with the community in which he lives. And then there’s Clay… Clay’s Way is a … Continue reading

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“Martuk … the Holy” – by Jonathan Winn

Doomed to walk this earth forever, Martuk is the chosen – the damned. He is immortal, powerful, but don’t mistake him to be holy. Martuk … the Holy is a blend of a few different genres. I would probably categorise … Continue reading

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“Gunwitch: A Tale of the King’s Coven” – by David Michael

Rose Bainbridge takes on the job of escorting the daughters of Colonel Laxton across the Bayuk to visit him. But this is one trip that is not going to go according to plan. Gunwitch is a colonial American adventure story … Continue reading

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