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“Age of Giants – awakening” – by Rob Reaser

Deep in our mythical past, angels occasionally mated with humans to produce monstrous offspring called the Nephilim. In a distant future, the Nephilim have again made themselves known and have conquered the earth. Mankind has been enslaved. Only pockets of … Continue reading

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“The Ark of Adams” – by Jack Kane

The Ark of Adams contains an interesting premise; not original as such, but intriguing just the same. In a world where a mini-ice age has arrived and a pandemic sweeps the globe, could humanity escape into a newly created virtual … Continue reading

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“if [tribe] =” by Gary A. Ballard

This is the third and final novel in The Bridge Chronicles, a cyberpunk trilogy set in a near future where corporations own contracts for law enforcement and local government. The premise is not too far-fetched, but the uncomfortable plausibility is … Continue reading

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