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“Frozen Sky 2: Betrayed” – by Jeff Carlson

How do you maintain a truce with a harsh alien species with which you can barely communicate? And how much more fragile is that truce when all your decisions are made by a distant bureaucracy riddled with self-interest and political … Continue reading

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“Bangkok Wet” – by Simon Royle

The rains are here and Bangkok is flooding, but the big wet isn’t going to prevent a gang war. As the waters rise, so do the stakes. Chance returns to showcase Thailand’s underbelly in the electrifying sequel to Bangkok Burn. … Continue reading

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“Martuk … the Holy” – by Jonathan Winn

Doomed to walk this earth forever, Martuk is the chosen – the damned. He is immortal, powerful, but don’t mistake him to be holy. Martuk … the Holy is a blend of a few different genres. I would probably categorise … Continue reading

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“Wool (Omnibus Edition)” – by Hugh Howey

The Silo is the world, the whole of civilisation – a protection from the deadly outside. Those who don’t agree will be sent to clean. Wool is a five part story set in a post-apocalyptic world where the outside atmosphere … Continue reading

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