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“The Tube Riders” – by Chris Ward

In a future Britain where travel is restricted and the Governor┬árules with an iron fist, the Tube Riders stumble across a secret and become Mega Britain’s most wanted. The Tube Riders is a book in which several scruffy, disenfranchised youths … Continue reading

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“Dead Men Don’t Cry” – by Nancy Fulda

From a high-speed space flight to deliver French pastries to the moon to a nomadic tribe struggling across a harsh world pursued by a sun with no mercy, Dead Men Don’t Cry demonstrates that in the science fiction genre there … Continue reading

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“Thin Blood” – by Vicki Tyley

Determined freelance reporter Jacinta Deller attempts to profit on one of her partner’s acquaintanceships for a story, but instead stirs up the past and puts herself and her new friends in danger. Thin Blood is a crime mystery with an … Continue reading

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