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“The Followers” – by Evan Bollinger

For each of us, there will come a time. A time at which we stop, and with the most confidence that we can have, we know. And we can draw a breath and say… that it was that day, or … Continue reading

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“The Speed of Winter” – by B. Morris Allen

Faced with possible extinction on Earth, humanity has taken a chance. It has invested everything in casting the seeds of humankind to several distant planets in the hope of securing a future for the species. What new worlds would we … Continue reading

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“Loss” – by Glen Krisch

Angie has suffered a devastating loss. Her husband has been killed in a car accident in the snow and she was the driver. This is basically where we start with Loss. Glen Krisch wants to tell a story with this … Continue reading

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“Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter” – by Kathleen Valentine

This novella is what I’d call a ghost story romance. Layla moves into the rather desolate Halcyon Beach for the winter, tending a pub during the off-season so that her husband can work on his first novel. We soon see … Continue reading

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“The 19 Dragons” by S. M. Reine

This novella was recommended to me by another author as something I would possibly like given my predisposition towards steampunk books. The price was right so I gave it a go. The structure of this novella is quite interesting as … Continue reading

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