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“Under the Looking Glass” – by Alisa Tangredi

There is a crime. Of that we are certain. But we are not so sure of the place and time. Follow Maura through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole as we try to piece together reality from fantasy. … Continue reading

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“Storm Damage” – by John A. A. Logan

An anthology of ten fables which cover ground from the fictitious Scottish space program to the adventures of an orange pig in the company of wolves, Storm DamageĀ seems to hint at questions which it asks the reader to elaborate on … Continue reading

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“Untimed” – by Andy Gavin

What do you do when you discover you have a hidden talent for time travel and you encounter a conspiracy to remove the importance of Benjamin Franklin from history? You probably get set for an adventure across time. Charlie is … Continue reading

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“Halkskin” – by Tony Bertauski

Biomites. Artificial stem cells, revolutionary in the treatment of almost everything – repairing or enhancing. But at what point does the artificial overwhelm the natural? At what point to we replace ourselves with our invention? What does it mean to … Continue reading

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