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“Pale Queen’s Courtyard” – by Marcin Wrona

The Hounds have picked up a scent and this time it might bring them face-to-face with the Pale Queen. Previously, I have reviewed Marcin Wrona’s novel The Whitechapel Gambit, a steam/clockpunk offering with an imaginative setting (check my review here). … Continue reading

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“Shift” – by Hugh Howey

First we uncovered the secret behind the Silo – the secret that explains the present. But what will we find if we dig further? What will be revealed when we go back to the start of it all? Shift is … Continue reading

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“The Last Bad Job” – by Colin Dodds

A suicide cult nearing its fate, a reporter tumbling towards self-destruction and a world spinning towards its end. When the dominoes start falling and mayhem reigns, who will be left to laugh at the result? There’s only a few things … Continue reading

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