The 2012 Reading List

So how indie was I in 2012? Here’s my reading list for 2012 and my indie scorecard:

Order Cover Title Author Indie
001 The Time Machine H. G. Wells N
002 Across the Nightingale Floor Lian Hearn N
003   Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter Kathleen Valentine Y
004  Cover De Bello Lemures Thomas Brookside Y
005  Cover Loss Glen Krisch Y
006  Cover Night Camp L.C. Evans Y
007  Cover A Gathering of Gargoyles Meredith Ann Pierce N
008  Cover Harbour John Ajvide Lindqvist N
009  Cover Image Northwoods Deep Joel Arnold Y
010  Cover Image Bangkok Burn Simon Royle Y
011  Cover Image The Pearl of the Soul of the World Meredith Ann Pierce N
012  Cover Image Tender is the Night F. Scott Fitzgerald  N
013  Cover Image Verdant Skies Steven Lyle Jordan Y
014  Cover Image Only Ever Always Penni Russon N
015  Cover Image Work of Art John Black Y
016  Cover Image Rocannon’s World Ursula Le Guin N
017  Cover Image The Survival of Thomas Ford John A. A. Logan Y
018  Cover Image Wool (Omnibus) Hugh Howey Y
019 Cover Image The Remains of the Day Kazuo Ishiguro N
020  Cover Image The Kult Shaun Jeffrey Y
021  Cover Image Pulchritude Ana Mardoll Y
022  Cover Image Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury N
023  Cover Image Cthulhu in Wonderland Kent Kelly Y
024  Cover Image The Gods Themselves Isaac Asimov N
025  Cover Image Speed Dating with the Dead Scott Nicholson Y
026  Cover Image The Final Solution Michael Chabon N
027  Cover Image Kraken China Miéville  N
028  Cover Image Diary of the Displaced Glynn James  Y
029  Cover Image Wired Douglas E. Richards  Y
030  Cover Image Symphony of Blood Adam Pepper  Y
031  Cover Image The Eternal Husband Fyodor Dostoyevsky N
032  Cover Image Turing Evolved David Kitson Y
033  Cover Image Usher’s Passing Robert McCammon N
034  Cover Image The Caline Conspiracy M.H. Head Y
035  Cover Image Thin Blood Vicki Tyley Y
036  Cover Image Dead Men Don’t Cry Nancy Fulda  Y
037  Cover Image The Tube Riders Chris Ward Y
038  Cover Image The Annihilation of Foreverland Tony Bertauski Y
039  Cover Image Lovers and Beloveds MaeLin Miranda Y
040  Cover Image Season of the Harvest Michael R. Hicks Y
041  Cover Image The Shadow of the Wind Carlos Ruiz Zafón N
042  Cover Image The Whitechapel Gambit Marcin Wrona  Y
043  Cover Image Pegasus Falling William E. Thomas Y
044  Cover Image Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad N
045  Cover Image Gunwitch: A Tale of the King’s Coven David Michael Y
046  Cover Image Carmilla Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu N
047  Cover Image Martuk … the Holy Jonathan Winn Y
048  Cover Image Clay’s Way Blair Mastbaum  Y
049 Cover Image Heaven 2.0 Sam Haworth  Y
050  Cover Image The Puppet Maker’s Bones Alisa Tangredi Y
051  Cover Image We Yevgeny Zamyatin N
052  Cover Image The Shopkeeper James D. Best Y
053  Cover Image The Speed of Winter B. Morris Allen Y
054  Cover Image Martyrs & Monsters Robert Dunbar Y
055  Cover Image The Wayfarer King K. C. May Y
056  Cover Image Ethan Frome Edit Wharton N
057  Cover Image Sea of Crises Marty Steere Y
058  Cover Image Brilliance of the Moon Lian Hearn N
059  Cover Image Year of Wonders Geraldine Brooks N

So what is my indie scorecard?


In 2012 I was 62.71% indie!

Figures for 2011:
32/59 books = 54.24%

For 2013, I have set myself some reading challenges which will probably result in a lesser mix of independent reads. I will still endeavour to complete a minimum of 34 reviews over the course of the year.


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