Love live the indie author!

2011 has been the year of the independent author for me. A couple of months after purchasing a Kindle 3 (my first ever e-Reader) – I found MobileRead and the world of independent authors was opened to me.

This cataclysmic event filled me with excitement as this was a new world theoretically without commercial constraint. I couldn’t wait to start my journey into the rich and imaginative tales that were doubtlessly being created by passionate writers all over the world.

So now we’re several months down the track and although the dream of a completely unfettered literary hunting ground hasn’t quite materialised, I have nevertheless found a wealth of strong writing talent. I believe I could subsist on the output of independent authors alone until the day when I’m no longer able to read.

This site is my contribution to the ongoing success of the independent author. By reviewing works here, I’m hoping to provide another means by which talented independent authors can be discovered by the millions of potential readers out there.

So now it starts.

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One Response to Love live the indie author!

  1. GraceKrispy says:

    Great site, Caleb! I’m so glad you’ve joined the ranks. Your thoughtful reviews will be a huge asset to the indie writing community! :)

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