The 2011 Reading List

This year I’ve been quite anal in cataloguing my reading. Perhaps it fills some terrible void in me about which I should be talking to a psychologist, but it does bring some strange sense of pleasure to list everything down in an orderly fashion.

This year was also my introduction to the indie author and I thought it might be nice to finalise the year with a little indie scorecard to demonstrate how the knowledge of independent authors has informed my reading choices. So without further ado, I give you….the list!

Order Cover Title Author Indie
001   The Scrubs Simon Janus N
002   Scourge David H Burton Y
003   The Last Days of Jericho Thomas Brookside Y
004   The Nightmare Within Glen Krisch Y
005   The Last Watch Sergei Lukyanenko N
006   Road Rash Simon Janus N
007   The Summoning Fire David Michael Y
008   A Room With a View E M Forster N
009   Under the Amoral Bridge Gary Ballard Y
010   The Red Church Scott Nicholson Y
011   The Know Circuit Gary Ballard Y
012   Firefly Island Daniel Arenson N
013   King of Shadows Susan Cooper N
014   The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Mark Haddon N
015   Where Darkness Dwells Glen Krisch Y
016   TAG Simon Royle Y
017   Flash Gold Lindsay Buroker Y
018   Hal Spacejock Simon Haynes N
019   Flaming Dove Daniel Arenson Y
020   Dust Arthur Slade N
021   The Door to the Sky David Michael Y
022   Killing with the Edge of the Moon A. A. Attanasio N
023   1984 George Orwell N
024   The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman N
025   eBully David Conifer Y
026   The Blade Itself Joe Abercrombie N
027   A Time Before Me Michael Holloway Perronne Y
028   The Blue Man Dreams the End of Time Michael McIrvin Y
029   Snapdragon Alley Tom Lichtenberg Y
030   Broken David H Burton Y
031   Dweller Jeff Strand N
032   Turn of the Screw Henry James N
033   The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov N
034   Generation Loss Elizabeth Hand N
035   if [tribe] = Gary Ballard Y
036  The 19 Dragons Cover The 19 Dragons S. M. Reine Y
037   Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut N
038  GoodReads Entry for Ark of Adams The Ark of Adams Jack Kane Y
039   The Farthest Shore Ursula Le Guin N
040   The Darkangel Meredith Ann Pierce N
041   The Second Coming David H. Burton Y
042   The Scavenger’s Daughter Mike McIntyre Y
043  GoodReads entry for The Kinshield Legacy The Kinshield Legacy K.C. May Y
044  GoodReads entry for Black God's War The Black God’s War Moses Siregar III Y
045   The Survival of Marvin Baines Michael Meyer Y
046   The Island of Doctor Moreau H.G. Wells N
047   Age of Giants – awakening Rob Reaser Y
048  GoodReads entry for Scavengers Scavengers Cynthia Echterling Y
049  GoodReads entry for Fate's Mirror Fate’s Mirror M.H. Mead Y
050   Solis A. A. Attanasio N
051   Toonopolis: Gemini Jeremy Rodden Y
052   The Emperor’s Edge Lindsay Buroker Y
053   A Dark Matter Peter Straub N
054  GoodReads entry for King of Paine King of Paine Larry Kahn Y
055   A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens N
056   The Little World of Don Camillo Giovanni Guareschi N
057   Beasts and Super-Beasts Saki N
058   The Whole Truth Jim Murdoch Y

And after all that, what is my indie tally?

32 / 59 books

So in 2011 I was 54.24% indie!

In 2012 I have set myself the challenge of reading and reviewing at least 38 books from independent authors. Of course, if I count up all the indie books on my “to be read” list and all of those review requests waiting for me to go through, I would have enough for several years of reading reviewing already, so finding the books is not going to be the problem.

May all my readers have a happy and independent new year. I’m looking forward to reading your work and posting reviews throughout 2012.


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